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Geometric Deep Learning




Fundamentals of geometric aspects in machine learning (e.g. invariance, equivariance, multi-scale structure). Overview over representational options (e.g. point clouds, grids, meshes, implicits, parametrics) and corresponding challenges together with advanced technical approaches to learning over and learning of geometric data, in particular 3D objects and scenes. Basic concepts involved in this context include artificial neural networks, convolution, pooling, diffusion, continuous convolution, random walks, transformers, generative approaches. Case studies include shape classification, shape segmentation, shape correspondence, shape generation.

Weitere Angaben

Ort: 32/109
Zeiten: Di. 16:00 - 18:00 (wöchentlich) - Vorlesung, Mi. 14:00 - 16:00 (wöchentlich) - Vorlesung/Übung
Erster Termin: Dienstag, 02.04.2024 16:00 - 18:00, Ort: 32/109
Veranstaltungsart: Vorlesung und Seminar (Offizielle Lehrveranstaltungen)


  • Informatik > Master of Science in Informatik
  • Informatik > Vorlesungen
  • Mathematics/Computer Science

Research Areas:

  • Algebraic geometry 14-XX

  • K-theory 19-XX

  • Algebraic topology 55-XX

Education and employment

Feb. 1999Diplom in Mathematics, Universität Bonn
March 1999 - Sept. 1999Research position in Cambridge/GB
Oct. 1999 - Nov. 1999Research position at IAS Princeton
Jan. 2000 - Dec. 2001Assistent position Universität Bonn
Jan. 2002 - Dec. 2002Scholarship holder at MPIM Bonn
Aug. 2003Ph.D. in Mathematics, Universität Bonn (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Günter Harder)
Oct. 2003 - Sept. 2007Assistent position Universität Göttingen
Oct. 2007 - Sept. 2009DFG-position Universität Regensburg with Prof. Ulrich Bunke
Oct. 2009 - March 2011Post-Doc position University Oslo
Apr. 2011 -- Aug. 2011 W3-Substitute Professor Universität Regensburg
Sept. 2011 - Sept. 2012Assistent position Universität Regensburg
Since Oct. 2012Juniorprofessor at the Universität Osnabrück 
Sept. 2015

positively evaluated after 3 years of Juniorprofessorship

Since Oct. 2018Professor at the University of Osnabrück


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Submitted articles

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  • DFG-Sachbeihilfe "Operads in algebraic geometry and their realizations" (mit Jens Hornbostel,
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  • Peter Arndt, Titel: Abstract motivic homotopy theory
  • Hongyi Chu, Titel: Enriched Infinity Operads
  • Alejo Lopez, Titel: E-ring structures in motivic hermitian K-theory
  • Hadrian Heine, Titel: Restricted L-algebra


    • Alexander Poddubny, Masterarbeit über ``Ring spectra and cohomology operations''
    • Johannes Bensmann, Masterarbeit über ``Vergleich zweier Modelkategorien von Spektren über einen topologischen Raum''


    • Maximilian Koall


    • Carl Wanninger, Thema: Das Barr-Beck-Theorem in der Kategorientheorie
    • Lukas Freudenberg, Thema: The inverse Galois-Problem - discussing different partial solutions
    • Jan-Luca Spellmann, Thema: Lokale Klassenkörpertheorie und der Satz von Kronecker-Weber


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