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Courses of Study

Mathematics can be studied in the following Bachelor and Master courses of study at the University of Osnabrück (possible degree programmes and further information can be found on the internet page  Examination Regulations):

Bachelor Courses of Study Aiming to Proceed with a Master Course of Study

  • 2-Subject-Bachelor with mathematics as a major or minor subject or one of two subjects evenly weighted
    This 6-term-course of study qualifies for a job, while – at the same time – offering the possibility of a follow-up Master course of study.
    In case of a Bachelor qualification with mathematics as a major or evenly weighted subject, the Master course of study in mathematics is admissible.

  • Bachelor Course of Study in Mathematics
    This 6-term course of study qualifies for a job and offers a perfect possibility to followed up with a Master course of study in mathematics. The concentration on mathematics courses, courses in computer science and courses in a chosen field of application provide you with a very good opportunity to deepen your expertise knowledge.

Bachelor Courses of  Study Aiming to Proceed with a Master Course in a Teaching Profession

Master Course of Study

This 4-term Master course Mathematics with a Subject of Application is based on a Bachelor course of study in mathematics. A graduation allows access to many demanding jobs and – in case of  suitable qualification -   PhD studies in mathematics.

Master Courses of Study in Teaching

Mathematics can also be studied in any of the above-mentioned alternatives as an additional third teaching subject.

PhD Studies

This  6-term course of study requires a successfully undertaken Master's course or a diploma in mathematics. In order to be able to apply the student needs a confirmation of supervision by a professor. 

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