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The Research Group Topology and Geometry

The research group topology / geometry works on the homotopy theory of various types, such as 

  • homotopic coherence theory
  • ring spectra
  • model categories
  • motivic homotopy theory
  • algebraic K-theory
  • Goodwillie-Calculus

Further information can be found here. The working group Scientific Information is part of the research group.

The research group topology organized the graduate programme Combinatorial Structures in Algebra and Topology  together with the Algebra Group.

The current members of the research group are:


Prof. Dr. Oliver Röndigs
Junprof. Dr. Markus Spitzweck
Prof. Dr. Rainer Vogt

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

Dr. Manh Toan Nguyen
Dr. Manfred Stelzer
Dr. Konrad Voelkel
Dr. Matthias Wendt

PhD Students

Arun Kumar


Maria Anna Gausmann

Former Members 

Dr. Gharchia Abdellaoui
Sebastian Büscher
Dr. Georg Biedermann
Dr. Utsav Choudhury
Dr. Hongyi Chu
Ph. D. Martin Frankland
Dr. Philip Hackney
Dr. Hadrian Heine
Dr. Philip Herrmann
Daniel Ishak
Dr. Alejo López Ávila
Dr. Oleg Podkopaev
Dr. Georgios Raptis
Dr. Ismaël Soudères
Dr. Florian Strunk
Sabrina Syed
Dr. Sean Tilson
Dr. Girja Tripath
Paula Verdugo