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The Research Group Stochastics

The Research Group Stochastics focusses on the following fields of research:

  • queues, inventory, reliability and maintenance, renewal theory
  • analytic methods in applied probability theory
  • combinatorial structure of random polytopes and random tessellations
  • limit theorems for Poisson point processes
  • characterization of finitely additive measures (valuations)
  • mobile networks and random graphs
  • large and moderate deviations



Prof. Dr. Hanna Döring
Prof. Dr. Matthias Reitzner


Lianne de Jonge
Bernhard Hafer
Anna Strotmann


Nele Sabel

Coopted Member

Dr. Kristina Schubert

Former Members

Dr. Sascha Bachmann
Dr. Mareen Beermann  
Carina Betken
Gilles Bonnet
Lukas Parapatits
Dr. Matthias Schulte
Dr. Peter Sendfeld
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stadje
Johannes Stemeseder
Dr. Christoph Thäle
Dr. Thomas Wannerer
Dr. Achim Wübker

Our teaching activity mainly covers courses in the field of probability theory, statistics and insurance mathematics. As regards statistics we would like to draw your attention to the homepage of the interdisciplinary joint statistics project and the lectures offered hereunder.


As preparation for theses we would recommend participation in lectures and seminars from the field of stochastics and geometry. A study project close to the planned subject of your thesis is also a very helpful approach. Attendance of the Advanced Seminar for Degree Candidates is requested, and a lecture on the subject of the thesis is expected.

We supervise Bachelor theses of the following fields:

  • Geometric characteristics of Poisson point processes

  • Stochastic geometry: random mosaics and polytopes

  • Stochastic optimisation

  • Insurance mathematics

  • Convex- and integral geometry

  • ...

We supervise Diploma and Master theses of the following fields:

  • Stochastic geometry: random mosaics and polytopes

  • Stochastic analysis for Poisson point processes

  • Geometric limit theorems

  • Stochastisc processes: Brownian motion, Markov processes, point processes

  • Random fractals

  • Convex- and integral geometry

  • ...

The research group stochastics has got intensive contacts to several insurance companies and can refer you to these companies for theses in combination with practical training or other ways of cooperation in the field of insurance mathematics.