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Oberseminar Angewandte Analysis

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02.10.2017 um 16:15 Uhr in 69/125:

Javier A. Carvajal-Rojas  (University of Utah)

Finite torsors over strongly F-singularities

We will present an extension of the work by K. Schwede, K. Tucker and myself on local étale fundamental groups of (strongly) F-regular singularities. We will discuss the existence of finite torsors over the regular locus of these singularities that do not come from restricting a torsor over the whole spectrum. In the process we will prove that canonical covers of F-regular (resp. F-pure) local rings are F-regular (resp. F-pure), as well as bounding the torsion of: (locally) the Picard group of F-regular singularities and (globally) the divisor class group of globally F-regular varieties.

Kollegseminar „Kombinatorische Strukturen in der Geometrie“

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